Lynemouth Steps towards Conversion

22 December 2015

After 43 years of operations, Lynemouth Power Station has burnt its last coal. As of 3pm on Tuesday 22rd December 2015, the power station will no longer burn coal, but will move towards a full conversion to biomass generation.


To mark the last coal burn one of the longest serving employees, Peter Kay – Shift Engineer, was asked to open the Unit 3 generator electrical circuit breaker, thus removing the unit from operation on coal for the final time. Peter began working at the station on the 5th September 1977 and so has witnessed the station begin and end coal fired generation and now prepare to enter a new chapter with the move towards low carbon biomass generation.


Vaun Campbell, Managing Director said, “The ending of coal burn is undoubtedly a significant event in the stations 43 year history, Lynemouth has a tremendous workforce and we now look forward to an exciting future with the conversion to biomass generation.”