Lynemouth Rail Safety Warning

06 February 2018

Residents are urged to adhere to rail safety warnings as Lynemouth trainline is set to re-open.

Lynemouth Power Station is asking local residents to adhere to heightened safety warnings and not trespass on railway lines coming in and out of the plant as preparations get underway to re-open the train line and start biomass electricity production at the site....

The train line, which runs from Woodhorn directly to the power station at Lynemouth, has not been in operation since December 2015, however, this is due to change very soon with the first trains anticipated from Friday 16th February earliest.
Management at the power station and Network Rail are therefore urging local residents and the wider community to take heed of advice being given as well as be mindful when using the public crossings on the track as renewable wood pellets start to be transported to the plant as it becomes operational.
Daryn Campbell, Operations Manager at Lynemouth Power Station commented, “We will shortly be bringing the train lines back into full operational use in order to transport the biomass fuel to the site therefore we are urging members of the public to take notice of these warnings, be extra vigilant and only cross the tracks at the dedicated areas. These are dangerous areas and given that trains will be running at very regular intervals, we ask for members of the public to demonstrate extra care.
“For their own personal safety, we also ask that the public do not enter or trespass on private land to the south of the plant including the lagoons as this raises additional safety concerns. Leaflets are being delivered to local residents shortly to explain the dangers and risks as well as highlight the prohibited areas in question.”

Martin Hunt, Senior Route Freight Manager for Network Rail, added, “The reintroduction of freight traffic from West Sleekburn to Lynemouth Power Station shows the importance of the railway as a means of driving economic growth as well as keeping lorries off our roads. Safety though, remains our priority and it is vital that those living close to the railway only use the official, designated crossing points and follow the guidance at each one. Trespassing is not only incredibly dangerous but also illegal and carries a fine of up to £1,000.”

The first trains are expected to start running from Friday 16th February 2018. Members of the public who have any questions regarding prohibited, no access areas are being asked to email: for more details.

Once fully operational, Lynemouth Power Station will generate enough power to supply 450,000 homes.