Outage Plans

Lynemouth Power Station is currently undertaking works to convert from a coal-fired to a biomass fired power station.

The details provided are based on the current best available information to the Company, provided to it by its contractors. It should be assumed, at this stage, that the dates will have an accuracy of +/- 2 weeks, however as the project to convert to biomass moves closer to completion the degree of accuracy is expected to improve and the Company will update all relevant details accordingly.

The Shift Manager’s number is +44 (0)1670 84 4359.



Whilst Lynemouth Power Ltd endeavours to ensure that the information provided is full complete and accurate in all material respects the information held within these web pages (and the manner of its presentation) is subject to revision and/or correction by Lynemouth Power Ltd at any time and without notice in furtherance of its obligation to comply with REMIT.

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