Lynemouth biomass sustainability


The biomass used at Lynemouth Power Station would be purchased from suppliers with robust sustainability standards.


The UK Government (DECC) and Ofgem require that every wood pellet supply chain be assessed to determine the greenhouse gas (GHG) saving achieved by using biomass to generate electricity in accordance with the Renewable Obligation (RO) or Contract for Difference (CfD).

This takes into account the carbon footprint of the electricity produced using information on forestry management, harvesting, transportation, pelletisation, further transportation and end use.

Biomass is not the only fuel type which is shipped to the UK from abroad: coal and gas are shipped to the UK.

We would use sustainably-sourced, renewable wood pellets to fuel our Lynemouth Power Station. The wood pellets would be sourced primarily from the USA and Canada.

The wood pellets used at Lynemouth would be transported to the UK by sea. The carbon emissions arising from this transport are included in the calculation which Lynemouth Power Ltd performs and then uses to report against the current sustainability criteria under the RO and or CfD.

Lynemouth Power Ltd requires that all wood pellets burnt at Lynemouth would be sustainably sourced. Sustainably sourced wood pellets do not lead to land use change and do deliver greenhouse gas savings when used for electricity production in place of fossil fuels. Lynemouth Power Ltd is committed to ensuring both the environmental and social sustainability of the biomass that it uses.

To ensure and demonstrate that the wood pellets are sustainable, we will use robust and independently audited certification systems across the whole supply chain, such as Green Gold Label (GGL) and Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP). These certification systems for sustainable biomass which consist of standards for the whole supply chain, from production and harvesting, through to transportation and end use. These systems are verified by independent agencies. These standards also act to allow producers and suppliers to comply with existing or upcoming certification schemes such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) and Timber Standard.

Lynemouth Power Ltd will implement sustainability management systems for all of the biomass fuels that would be used at Lynemouth. The management systems ensure that all biomass fuel meets minimum sustainability requirements.